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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 14School had started ,taking up a lot of Jay's time, he
missed being able to sleep late or just roam around all day doing nothing.It
also cramped his sex life,but maybe he needed to slow down awhile,even
though he loved being with older men.He also missed hanging out at preteen lolita top 50
the park.Finally it was Friday and he was thrilled,he was tired of being hit on by
some of his fellow class mates,they wouldn't know how to fuck him roght if
he was to give into any of them.They were not really sure,but suspected he
was on the make,and he was not about to help them make up there mind.His mom was leaving in the morning for a week's visit with her sister,he was
looking forward to shacking up with his dad,he missed his cock up his bung
That night,as he lay reading a fuck story,his mom came in just before bed
time and sat down on his bed."You be good while I'm gone,ok?"She said.
"I will mom don't worry,just enjoy your visit."Jay said ,smiling as he
hugged her.
When she pulled back,looking down at him with her pretty smile,she kissed
him on the mouth,holding the kiss a little longer thna she should Jay
thought."I'm going to miss you."She said,hugging him again,then quickly got up and
went to bed.
Jay was fraustated by the fact that he had an erection.
He tried putting the fact out of his mind that for a second,he wanted her to
crawl in bed with him.What was the matter with him anyway.In time he went to sleep and morning came before he knew it,but he felt
rested and alive,ready to take on the day and anything that might confront
After breakfast,he went down to the pool hall,loafed a bit then headed for
the park, why, he was not sure.He stayed away from the spot where the bikers
had gang raped him and Kev he sure wasn't ready for that again,not yet
anyway.He sat on the bench feeling the cool breeze blow over him finishing the hot
dog he had bouth along the way.
There was an older guy on down the way,setting on the bench across from the
He was a nice looking guy,big,but no fat on him as Jay could see,just solid.He watched as the guy got up,walking to the restrooms,stopped at the door
and looked back at him,then entered.
The guy's on the make Jay thought.He never liked crusing the restroom much
since the rape,but he had a stirring in his groin.Getting up,he lolitas girl young photos looked around then walked towards the toilets,looked around
again at the door then went in.
No one was around,but he saw feet in one of the stalls,so he entered the one
next to it.
The glory hole was still there,maybe even a little bigger than before.Jay dropped his shorts and sat down,instantly stroking his cock as he peeked
through the hole.
The guy was comletely naked as he sat on the stool stroking his meat,which
by the way was very empressive.The large mushroon head made Jay's mouth
Jay stood up,removing all his clothes also,then sat back down.The guy tapped his foot,raising it up and down slowly,Jay was to learn that
it was a signal he wanted to suck his cock.
Then the guys hand came under xxx preteen angels lola the partition,massaging Jay's calf,working
it's way to the bottom of his thigh.Jay squatted,lowering his ass,feeling the hand rubbing it,a finger teasing
his hole.
"How old are you kid?"The guy whispered.
Jay wanted to lie,but answered,"Going on fourteen."
"Aw shit kid,your jail bait,I don't know if I should mess around with you."Jay moved his ass closer to the wall as the finger worked it's way up his
butt hole.
"You ever been fucked in here?"The guy asked.
"No,but I have outside."Jay answered.
"Back your ass up against the hole."Jay stood,turned,then parted the cheeks of his ass as hentai lolita teen toplist he pressed them
against the wall.
The hole was about four inches each way,so the guy had a good view of Jay's
love hole.
"Yeah,thats nice,real nice."The guy said.
Jay felt wet lips kissing his ass,a tongue searching his puckered hole.The guy was really into tongue fucking him when someone came in.
He quickly withdrew his tongue setting back down
Whoever it was entered the stall on the other side of Jay,which also had a
glory hole.
As Jay pressed his lolita girl nude photos ass back over the hole,he saw the new guy was watching
him.Jay was not sure the guy would go back to rimming his ass,but he did.
He knew then the guy was hooked.
Soon a cock was being pressed against Jay's rose bud,stretching him open
sliding deep inside.
The new guy nudist lolita art gallery had his eye glued to the hole as Jay winked at him licking his
lips.Instantly a cock came through the hole and Jay took it in his mouth coating
it with his saliva.
He was now taking a cock up his ass and sucking on another one by two
complete strangers.
Maybe these glory holes were not so bad after all..
The cock in his ass was the first to spew it's cream,followed soon by a load
in his mouth.One guy left right away,the other waited a few minutes,then left
also,leaving Jay with cum running down the crack of his ass,he worked his
finger up his ass,then sccoped up the cum from the crack of his ass,placed
the finger in his mouth and sucked,the taste making his head spin.
He waited about twenty minutes but no one else came in,sio he to took his
Thats was pretty good he though,maybe he would try it again sometime.Jay messed around all day,over at Kev's,they took a dip down at the
pond,hung around for awhile,then he went home when it was getting dark.
When he entered the apartment,he could hear men talking and laughing,they
were all around the table playing poker when he went up the hall way.Jay took a shower then went to his room stripping off and crawled under the
sheet naked as usual.
He had not been asleep long,when the door opened,he could hear the rustle of
clothes as someone undressed,he thought it was probably his dad.
Strong arms encircled him,holding him close as he felt a hard cock pressing
against the ckeeks of his butt.He could smell beer as the guy kissed his neck,by now he was aware of the
fact that it wasn't his dad.
A hand gripped his cock as it grew hard massaging his balls,lips still
making love to him.
Jay was laying on his right side as the guy moved his left leg foward and up
he then felt the head of his cock stretching him open,sliding slowly up his
shit chute.Once again the door opened and the rest of them came in,encluding his dad.
The sheet was lola 101 bbs ls
stripped away as they joined him and the guy on the bed.
A cock was fed to him demanding to be serviced.
Jay sucked,enjoying the taste of the guys precum.There were mouths and lips all over his body from head to
toe,kissing,licking,biting.hands were everywhere as the cock began to pump
faster in and out of his ass,then exploded as the guy groaned.
A load of warm cum hit jays face as he sucked the cock feeling it also
explode in his mouth.
Another load hit his face. A mouth had engulfed his cockBy now his body seemed like it was covered in cum and he loved it,it was one
of the most erotic times he had ever experenced.
One cock would go off in his ass and a nother would take it's place,same
with his mouth.
He heard a voice whisper,can we piss on him?"He heard his dad answer,"Not on the bed man,bring him in the bathroom and
put him in the tub."
Strong arms lifted him,carring him into the bathroom,then lowered him in the
All most at once a gush of piss hit his cock and balls moving up his belly
and chest to his face and mouth.He could feel piss hitting every inch of his body,he kept gulping every time
some hit his face.
Jay had never seen so much piss before in his life and he loved it.
That night was when he admitted to himself that he was a piss freak.
Finally,the piss stopped and the guys began to leave,
That was great man,you got a gold mine there in that tub baby."Another said.
When the door closed Jay stood up and turned on the light.
He was standing in a pool of warm piss.Before turning the shower on he lay
face down drenching himself in the pee,enjoying the aroma.He had no sooner got in bed when his dad came in,getting in beside
him,fondling his cock and ass.
"You done good boy,your ole dad picked up up a couple hundred bucks
His dad raised his legs and mounted him as his bone sunk deep inside his
love hole.
Jay was hugging his neck and kissing him as his dad began pumping his ass.
The springs cried out,just as they did when his dad fucked his mom.
Jay remembered thinking,"Now I know why you like it so much mom",Then he
gave into the sex,enjoying every minute of it..............
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